"CELEBRATING OUR ORIGINS IN THE UNIVERSE" About the story of Creation from the Big Bang through the evolution of humans

Suitable for Classes Ranging from 1st through 5th Grade

This field-tested curriculum was written by an early childhoood educator and a cosmologist (former parish minister), and includes 15 to 22 weeks of reading and active learning experiences in which children learn and celebrate the origins of the Universe, our world, and human beings. The series includes readings, group activities, experiments, songs, games, and poetry, as well as two children's picture books (one written by Melott and Gronlund). Although originally developed for use in Unitarian Universalist congregations, the curriculum is very nonsectarian; in addition to the scientific content, reverance for and celebration of the natural world are emphasized. By adding or removing small amounts of material, it can be useful in most religious institutions that respect the results of science.

Some comments on the curriculum experience:

"This is one of the best curricula we've ever used! The activities really worked with a very active group of 2nd & 3rd graders." Michele Sack, R.E. Director, Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, KS

"Each Sunday's activities really fit the changing nature of our R.E. population. The lesson is usable, and complete unto itself. The kids really like it!" Nancy Renner Clear, R.E. Director, All Souls Unitarian Church, Indpls., IN

"My children love coming to Sunday School - they are really enjoying this curriculum." Kym Reeves, parent of Jake, Joe and Cait (2nd and 3rd grades)

"Evan is telling us all about what he's learning on Sunday mornings." Colleen Skole, parent of Evan (2nd grade)

For more information, contact Gaye Gronlund, M.A., 231-276-0313, or Adrian Melott, Ph.D., M.Div. (785) 864-3037. Gaye may also be reached at gayegronlund@yahoo.com.


"Celebrating Our Origins in the Universe" includes 2 children's books: our own, beautifully illustrated in watercolor ("The Beginning of Everything" and "The Tree of Life", a binder with 15 to 22 weeks of lesson plans with suggested readings, poems, songs and celebrations as well as hands-on activities and explorations with the scientific concepts involved. To see the cover of our book (showing the illustration style), click here.)

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